Samsung Galaxy Note 8 64GB

מק"ט: S654 קטגוריה: תגית:
מותג: Samsung
730 700
המלאי אזל

A lot of watching videos and reviews. Was more interested in the camera. On rollers it can be concluded that the camera is good but not the best. I have a sneaking suspicion. Why is in English the videos the praise the iPhone and pixel. They really looked better. Contrast. More natural. Samsung also issued a good photo but what is colorful. Probably like all Asians. I must say – it is so almost there. Depends on the shooting conditions. But that is not mentioned – is the fact that the tests were done at default auto settings. I admit that the default settings do firms differ, and therefore the results are different. But accidentally found in note 8 the pro mode. In this mode, absolutely everything is set manually the shutter speed and aperture, choice of exposure, choice of AF points. In short all than have a normal camera. I compared the two photos in the darkness in the machine and in settings pro. And I will say that the photos are radically different. In pro mode, more detail and other changes improved. So too believe the comparison in the Internet is not worth it. Thought this might be paid for or the lyrics for "single-celled".




5.8 inch.

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8 Gb

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