Samsung Galaxy S8



Screen. He's just amazing, there's nothing to compare with. The slogan – smartphone without borders – fully describes what you are experiencing while holding the Galaxy S8 in your hands. It creates the feeling that the screen is the continuation of reality. You need to see this with your own eyes. -The same goes for design. That seems to be worth scolding for such shortcomings and put a maximum of 4 points, but I'm sorry, I can not do it.

I bought mom xiaomi mi5, my brother iphone 7, but these devices and did not stand close to the Galaxy S8. Yes, it is not ideal, but there is no ideal. There are things with which you have to put up, whether it's scanners or autonomy, but if you just take it into your hands, you forget about everything and forgive all the disadvantages. It's just a work of art both outside and inside.


5.8 inch.

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4 Gb


זהב, כחול, שחור

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